Production Lines

6 Production Lines for Super Snow Quartz Grit and Aggregates

2 Production Lines for Micronized Calcium Carbonate Powder

6 Production Lines for Super Snow Quartz Filler

1 Production Line for Stearic Acid Coating

2 Production Lines for Feldspar Powder

1 Production Line for Quartz Pebbels

Packing & Stuffing

Latest facilities to handle export orders & container packing.

Latest Packaging Machinery for shrink wrapping.

Large Machinery for efficient loading and stuffing

Packing materials highly export worthy

Packing materials conform to International standards.

Mineral Bags are wrapped with plastic for protection.

Research & Development

Large Weighing Scales for Exact Weights

Moisture Analyser

White Index

Spectro Photo Meter

Visual Spectro Meter

Chemical Testing

Seive Analyser

Tested Seive on ASTM Standards