About Us

About Us

40 Years Of Experience in this area

BABA GROUP was incorporated under the section of natural mineral powder and textiles at Kishangarh (Ajmer) Rajasthan. The Director holds a good experience in the textile and powder since last 40 years.
A unit of Baba Minerals has been established for manufacturer snow and high transparent quartz grit and filler, calcium carbonate powder and calcite marble aggregates, low iron quartz (Glass Grade) and feldspar powder. Baba group is the biggest minerals export company in north india. All of the containers have a factory stuffing permission from Govt. of India. Baba minerals provides world class facility in Research & Development according to customer.
We have used highest purity of Raw Materials from various mines of India. We also have a good experience & highly professional team for production and Quality. We also have all high quality machines and our own transportation for well in time order delivery to all parts of the world. Our company also have 24 high gross magnetic machines for good quality productions and auto packaging. Company have six big warehouses with 45000 sq. ft area for finished material . Our another member of Baba Group is Tanush Micro Minerals (P) Ltd. established in the year 2007 is engaged in the production of micronized calcium carbonate powder. Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with chemical formula CaCo3. It is one of the most useful and versatile materials used today. Pure calcium carbonate can be produced from pure calcite lumps or it can be prepared by passing carbon dioxide into a solution of calcium hydroxide (Ca (Oh)2). Baba groups also provides imported calcium carbonate from around the world.
Being in the minerals industries help us extract the finest raw material from Ajmer and Makrana which is worldwide famous for its white quality and from other places in rajasthan which is the largest source and gifted profusely with a variety of white minerals to produce the product which will mark quality and customer satisfaction.The Company have five overseas offices and customer care team around the world.

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Our proud standing and the leading role we play today in the markets is the fruitful outcome of many years of carefully planned hard & dedicated work years interposed by large-scale challenges, which were not but an incentive, motive & stimulant to attain further achievement, excellence and uniqueness.



Mr. Anup Goyal carries with him the business legacy of his illustrated family members belonging to the house of Goyal’s. he is the younger son of Mr. Shreegopal Goyal and his ambitions for the company are no less illustrious than his father’s. he earned a degree in commerce.

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